What's the big secret of the big Hafner’s flavour? What’s made us a firm (and tasty) favourite of Irish families for over a hundred years now? And why, back in the day, when people knew their sausages, were there queues round the block for Hafner’s spicy, handmade sizzlers?

There’s much more goes into our sausages than you think… family history, craftsmanship and recipes that have been handed down generations. Go on, dig in, and find out what’s made us sausagely famous across the land!


Today, we’re still tantalising those taste-buds with our two delicious Hafner's varieties: our yummy new craft Recipe 77s and our old favourites - the regular Hafner's originals.

In these busy times, with everyone flying about all over the place, the big taste of Hafner's sausages brings us back together like it always has.