Mallon Sausages

Are one of the most popular brands in Ireland and are still based on the recipe handed down through generations of traditional Mater Butchers in the Mallon Family.The brand was first introduced in the 1940’s and since then has won over 140 awards, which makes it the most awarded sausage in Ireland. Renowned for its quality and consistency, Mallon Sausages are produced using only 100% Irish Pork and traditional recipes.  The sausages are available in all retailers throughout Ireland in many different pack sizes and flavours.

Our Range

  • Mallon’s Traditional Sausages 454g
  • Mallon’s Traditional Sausages 227g
  • Mallon’s Cocktail Sausages 454g
  • Mallon’s Big 10’s 454g
  • Mallon’s Low Fat/Gluten Free Sausages 240g
  • Mallon’s Traditional Sausages 12’s 320g
  • Mallon’s Premium Traditional Sausages 320g
  • Mallon’s Premium Pork, Leek and Pepper Sausages 320g
  • Mallon’s Premium Pork, Apple and Cinnamon Sausages 320g
  • Mallon’s Premium Pork Meatballs 400g
  • Mallon’s Premium Spicy Meatballs 400g
  • Mallon’s Premium Pork Burger 400g
  • Mallon’s Premium Pork and Leek Burger 400g
  • Mallon’s Quality Sausage Meat 380g


Mallon’s Sausages are available in a wide array of catering products for the foodservice market.
If you have any queries on our catering range, please contact us at: or call our Head Office on (047) 82766.


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